Commemorating Trailblazers in the Indian BFSI Industry

Commending innovation, effectiveness, and the ability to create influential advancements in the banking & finance industry. The BFSI Leadership Awards stand as the industry's most prestigious acknowledgement of remarkable accomplishments and exceptional performance.

These awards shine a spotlight and pay tribute to the exceptional achievements of leading professionals in the Indian BFSI sector. This exclusive opportunity offers you the chance to amplify your brand's visibility among the foremost experts from India's banking, financial, and insurance sectors.

Last Date to Nominate: 24th May, 2024

Why Nominate for the BFSI Leadership Awards

Unlock Opportunities for Your Business and Distinguish Yourself

Enhance Brand Visibility and Reputation

Foster Team Unity and Boost Employee Morale

Display Innovative and Creative Technological Advancements

Award Categories

BFSI Institutional Awards


  • Leading Technology Bank (Outstanding performer)
  • Innovative Initiative in Social Sector
  • Outstanding Internet Banking Service Provider
  • Excellent Cyber Security System
  • Maximum ATMs in Different Locations
  • Outstanding Data Analytics Initiative

    Small Finance Banks & Payments Bank

  • Outstanding Payments Solution Provider
  • Outstanding Contribution to Rural Community
  • Promising Banking Tech Provider
  • Promising Digital Payment Processor
  • Emerging Digital Wallet Platform
  • Fastest Core Banking Implementation

    Insurance Companies

  • Promising Bancassurance Leader
  • Excellence in Agency Distribution
  • Excellence Role in Claim Management
  • Outstanding Product Innovation
  • Excellent Operation Initiative
  • Leader in Customer Engagement Initiative
  • Prominent in Digital Insurance Innovation
  • Outstanding performance in Business Continuity

    Non- Banking Financial Companies

  • Champion of Financial Inclusion Initiatives
  • Digitizing Rural Financial Services
  • Impactful Contribution to Economy
  • Outstanding Customer Service
  • Excellence in Innovation & Emerging Technologies
  • Most Trusted Housing Finance Brand
  • Outstanding Customer Engagement Initiative
  • Excellence in Financial Services
  • Banking Technology for Supply chain financing
  • Most Trusted Education Enabler NBFC

Corporate Awards

  • Excellence in Artificial Intelligence Solution
  • Innovation in Digital Lending
  • Outstanding Data Centre Provider
  • Outstanding Security Testing Provider
  • Cloud Validation Solution
  • ATM Service & Solution Provider
  • Innovative Technology Project
  • Innovation in Custody & Securities Services Technology
  • Innovation in Information Security
  • Innovation in Green IT
  • Innovation in Data-Management
  • Digital Service Innovator
  • Innovation in Neo Banking
  • Financial Risk Management
  • Innovative Reconciliation Solutions
  • Disruptive Innovation Award
  • Outstanding performance in Customer Centricity
  • Future Digital Leader
  • Excellence in Secured Employee Engagement
  • Leader in Data Transformation Solution
  • Open API Award
  • Leader in Open Digital Ecosystem Platform
  • Network Transformation Leader
  • Leader in Business Transformation
  • Leader in translation of BFSI information
  • Data Warehouse and Big Data Leader
  • Excellence in IT Infrastructure (Hardware/Software)
  • Most Innovative Fintech Product
  • Excellence in Financial Crimes Risk Management
  • Excellence in Technology Implementation
  • Outstanding Digital Transformation Partner
  • Outstanding Digital Payment Solution
  • Innovative Enterprise Lending Platform
  • Innovative Start-up
  • Outstanding Open source service provider
  • Emerging Blockchain Technology Solution
  • Outstanding Security Solution Provider
  • Outstanding Cloud Service Provider
  • Outstanding Cloud Security Provider
  • Excellence in Eradicating language barrier
  • Excellence in Smart Industrial Automation
  • Outstanding Video KYC Solution provider
  • Fintech Trendsetter
  • Most innovative use of Use of AI in Fintech

Personalised Awards

    Chief Information Officer

  • The Agile Leader
  • Visionary Technology Leader
  • Customer Experience Champion
  • Data Analytics Trailblazer
  • Digital Transformation Pioneer
  • Emerging Technology Evangelist
  • Fintech Collaboration Excellence
  • Leadership in Regulatory Compliance
  • Breakthrough AI Implementation
  • Operational Efficiency Catalyst

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Digital Transformation Innovator
  • Fintech Disruptor
  • Cybersecurity Pioneer
  • AI and Machine Learning Trailblazer
  • Blockchain Visionary
  • Customer Experience Champion
  • Cloud Computing Leader
  • Data Analytics Expert
  • RegTech and Compliance Innovator
  • Open Banking and API Innovator

    Chief Information Security Officer

  • Outstanding Leadership in Cybersecurity
  • Innovation in Information Security
  • Excellence in Risk Management:
  • Compliance and Regulatory Excellence
  • Innovation in Security Technology
  • Exceptional Data Protection and Privacy Practices
  • Excellence in Third-Party Risk Management
  • Effective Fraud Prevention Strategy
  • Leadership in Threat Intelligence and Analysis
  • Innovation in Cloud Security

    Chief Risk Officer

  • Excellence in Risk Management
  • Innovation in Risk Mitigation
  • Outstanding Compliance and Regulatory Practices
  • Cybersecurity Leadership
  • Excellence in Market Risk Management
  • Innovation in Technology and Data Governance
  • Sustainable Risk Management Practices
  • Excellence in Crisis Management and Resilience
  • Operational Risk Management Excellence
  • Excellence in Customer Trust and Protection

    CX Leaders

  • AI and Automation Champion
  • Customer-Centric Product Innovation
  • Effective Customer Service Strategy
  • Excellence in Personalization:
  • Outstanding Customer Experience Innovation:
  • Innovative Digital Transformation Journey
  • Omni-Channel Excellence
  • Financial Inclusion Champion
  • Collaborative Partnerships Pioneers
  • Leadership in Governance, Regulatory Compliance, and Risk Management
  • Outstanding Leadership in Housing Finance

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Data-driven Marketing Excellence
  • Brand Building Champion:
  • Innovation in Product Development:
  • Omnichannel Marketing Mastery:
  • Digital Transformation Pioneer
  • Customer Experience Excellence
  • Innovative Digital Marketing Campaign
  • Mobile Marketing Innovation
  • Social Media Marketing Champion
  • Collaborative Leader

    Chief Digital Officer

  • Leader in Digital Transformation Strategy
  • Digital Transformation Innovator
  • Digital Innovation Champion
  • Emerging Technologies Pioneer
  • Excellency in Digital Innovation
  • Excellence in Digital Transformation
  • Disruptive Fintech Solution
  • Excellence in Financial Inclusion
  • Innovative Payment Solution
  • Leadership in Open Banking and APIs
  • Excellence in Regtech Solutions
  • Innovative Use of Cloud Computing
  • Customer Experience Transformation
  • Mobile Banking Innovation
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